Starting again

I am going to have another shot at what I was doing, writing some blogs about my professional life and how it intersects with the cultural landscape I live in. Last time I let my anger at a lot of the neoliberalisation (and what that does to the PEOPLE in teaching, the children, parents and teachers) become too much of a driving force until I felt I was incoherent.

I deleted and left it for a while, like a composted field that is not ready for seeds.

Lately I have experienced, read and encountered various patterns that concern me, that I feel I need to speak back to but I feel that it is not pure anger motivating me this time. I want to blend some thoughts that may be helpful to anxious parents together with some critical ideas for teachers to mull over (this is assuming anyone will ever read what I write, but who knows?) I don’t want to make a commitment to this blog because my commitment is already taken by my main blog. So I will write this when I feel the itch to speak out about some trend, idea or “common-sense” and also try to mix that with articulating the answers to questions parents ask- not some sort of perfect “once and for all time” answer but the currently best answer I can come up with as a work in progress, so that here is either a place I can rehearse saying those things or a resource I can refer people to (perhaps).

So it will be part critical, part ideas based, part reflective and largely a place to evolve within myself as the excellent teacher I strive to be rather than the sometimes exhausted or virusy teacher I am day to day.

I will be very careful not to mention in any identifiable way the places and people I work with.